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Remedy or Relax? A guide to choosing the right treatment for you!

Quite often clients are at a loss as to what the exact differing features are between the types of massage available! In order to help you decide which direction of treatment you wish to undertake, it is important that these differences are clarified so that you can ensure you are receiving the best treatment for you! There are basically two categories of massage available, the relaxing or the remedying. The following will outline the types of massage which fall into either category and the main differences between these two categories. Harmony offers all massage services from the relaxing spa and beauty level to the clinical remedying level.

Relaxing (No Rebate Available)

This particular massage mostly consists of light, effleuraging, soothing, rhythmic, relaxing, swedish massage techniques.

Often these techniques are combined with luxury aromatherapy oils, or coupled with facial, foot baths & other beauty treatments.

Your therapist will be likely at least a Cert 4 level qualified massage therapist. This means that they have still received formal training in massage therapy inclusive of correct draping, hygiene and relevant client-therapist relationship education. Due to the therapist being Cert 4 qualified, this means that you are not able to claim any part of your service via your health fund (sorry guys). At Harmony, we do a whole range of relaxation & spa level massage packages, which include some of the following:

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These techniques are more specific, & calculated, using a range of techniques to remedy a particular musculoskeletal ailment that one might be suffering. Issues that remedial massage can remedy include:

  • Generalised Aches, Pains and Tension

  • Back and Neck Pain and Stiffness

  • Tension-related Headaches or migraines

  • Shoulder Problems such as rotator-cuff injuries and frozen shoulder

  • Arthritis and Joint Problems, rheumatism

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Muscle Pain and Stiffness

  • Lymphoedema (fluid retention)

  • Sporting Injuries – including rehabilitation, post and pre event

  • Stress-related Problems

  • Repetitive-strain Injuries

  • Postural Stress

  • Preventative Care

Remedial massage services incorporate various muscle range of motion testing, muscle balance testing, postural observation testing, pain scale testing, trigger point work, deep tissue, mobilisations, flushing, post isometric contraction trigger point work, myofascial release techniques and active release methods. Our remedial sessions incorporate the perfect balance of remedy and relax, so you can benefit from both sides of the coin! Services at Harmony which are both within Remedial level range and applicable for health fund rebates include:

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Remedial qualified therapists have a minimum of a Diploma level qualification in Remedial Massage therapy, which is a step up from the Cert 4 Massage Therapy. This enables the therapist to qualify for association recognition, and thus resulting in being eligible to give rebates for remedial massage services which can substantially reduce your out of pocket expenses! Health fund rebates are available for on the spot claims via HICAPS facility in the Harmony clinic. If your particular health fund doesn't participate with HICAPS, never fear; we can send you a copy of your receipt via email and you can send this off to your health fund to process your rebate. Different health funds offer different levels and percentages of rebates, so check with your fund if you're wondering what your rebate is likely to be. Its also good to check in with your therapist which health funds are covered under their treatment modality prior to treatment.

So...What if your remedy IS to relax? Don't worry if you choose the remedial treatment option, they are designed specifically for YOU, so if you want the perfect blend of relax and remedial on selected areas. We got you!

Our online booking system also allows you to customise your treatment in advance giving your therapist the information about your preferences and guidance needed to make sure you get EXACTLY what you want. Simply choose your "Add Ons" when booking any Massage online, and the beauty about this is, you can choose more than one, so if Remedial, Relax & Myofascial Release is your goal for the session, we got it! If Remedial, Deep Tissue and Sports is your style, you got that too! The choice is YOURS!

So when booking at Harmony you can rest assured you're in good, qualified and professional hands!


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